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Video Walls

Video walls create energy that most bank branches lack. Motion graphics displayed on large format video walls add a dynamic element that impacts the branch experience and increases awareness of new products.

Video walls create and build relationships while connecting your brand with the community. Highlighting financial advisors at each branch can give your brand that personal touch. Let customers know who they are, why the love helping customers and how they’ve helped people reach their financial goals. Get the community involved with video walls by showcasing some of your branch’s involvement. Sponsoring a little league team? Working closely with neighborhood schools? Share these community focused activities in-branch to show them you care.

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Interactive Kiosks

Give your customers the information they want how they want it. Interactive kiosks can teach customers about your products, make real time comparisons and gain a better understanding of what’s right for them. Streamline the decision-making process by providing the information they need right at their fingertips.

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Promotional Boards

Most banking transactions occur outside the branch, so it is imperative to make the most of each visit. Dynamic and engaging digital signage helps financial institutions increase awareness around products and promotions at the most critical time – in the branch.

With over 400% more eyeballs than static signage, digital signage is a no-brainer when adding to your in-branch marketing strategy. Create compelling and integrated messages through highly targeted content that works hand-in-hand with your other marketing channels. Get more eyes on the right content and increase the share of wallet.

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Financial advisors have become the heart and soul of the bank’s branch. They’re on the front lines, creating relationships and building trust. Empower your team with the tools they need to communicate more effectively with customers and give customers the information they need to make informed decisions.

Sales assist displays give advisors the ability to dynamically show the impact of specific products and how they compare to other products. Imagine the impact of using full motion graphics to show customers what their monthly investment will look like in 25 years and help them visualize the benefits. This solution is way more impressive than giving clients a drab piece of paper with bulleted benefits.

Time to update products, rates or features? No problem. All content is managed and deployed from a centralized location, so updates are made once and distributed fast, ensuring everyone is delivering the right information.

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Employee Communications

Employee engagement is critical no matter the size of your company. As brand ambassadors, branch employees represent who you are. So why take shortcuts when it comes to communication, engagement and training? Digital signage is a great tool to deliver compelling and dynamic messaging that keeps employees connected and on the same page.

Empower your executives to deliver content that informs branch staff of new promotions, marketing programs or even corporate policies. Incorporate social media feeds to keep your employees engaged and excited about all that’s happening outside (and inside) the branch.

Integration with internal systems enables you to display key performance metrics on screens in the back of house. What is most important to your branch? Maybe it is new accounts or scheduled meetings with advisors, either way, displaying real-time results can drive employee participation, increase competition and drive overall branch performance.


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