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Our Approach to Digital Signage Media Strategy

We make sure we understand your business needs, your audience and its expectations to build the foundation for a winning digital signage strategy. We establish benchmarks for success while our experts map out products and applications tailored to meet your goals.

Four Steps to Successful Strategy


Step one is defining your objectives, assessing your environment and defining your digital signage marketing strategy. With that information, we determine what to measure and how to do it.


We marry your content strategy with the strategic digital signage products and applications that will deliver results. That includes developing the programming strategy and screen placement that will best engage your audience.


Piloting your program is a critical part of evaluating your digital signage strategy. We put your plan into action by A/B testing it across a number of locations, measuring results and adjusting where necessary.


At this point, you can be confident your program works. We’ll roll out the solution to all sites, continue to measure it and use that information to change and improve it.

Employee Spotlight

Adam-headshot Media Strategy Digital Signage
“It is crucial that all of our efforts support the overall goal of the project. That’s why one of the most interesting and telling exercises is walking through the strategy in effort to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together for the client. There is nothing like watching the content start to drive results. That is where the hard work really starts to pay off.”
Adam Shilling
Managing Director, Creative, Convergent
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