We provide stress-free visitor experiences through healthcare digital signage that put large hospitals at the top of the competition

Healthcare Digital Signage that Makes an Impact

Healthcare Digital Signage that Makes an Impact

Welcome-Guest Healthcare Digital Signage

Create Better Patient Experiences

Entering a healthcare facility can be stressful for patients and visitors. Trying to navigate to their destination can increase the level of distress. Reduce the anxiety by helping visitors find their way efficiently with digital wayfinding.

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Differentiation is the Name of the Game

It’s time to go above and beyond for your patients and visitors. Create better brand connections and ease anxious guests by showing wellness tips and healthy choices through digital signage to set your facility apart.

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Wayfinding-Digital-Signage-Header Healthcare Digital Signage
Healthcare-Digital-Signage-Wall-Wayfinding-Hospital Healthcare Digital Signage

Communicate with your team, better

Consistently and effectively communicate new policies, safety procedures, performance information and new treatments with medical digital signage.

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30% of first time visitors are confused.

3 minutes per interaction to provide directions to lost individuals.


25% of staff members cannot find some destination within the hospital.

Healthcare Digital Signage and ROI, Together at Last!

Everything we do starts with purpose. We work with you to get clarity on your business objectives, define benchmarks for success and determine what and how to measure results. In our Value Assessment, we detail the strategy and action plan to achieve results, including the retail digital signage technology and creative we’ll use to carry it out. There’s no guesswork. You’ll know exactly what to expect. Once implemented, we’ll continue to monitor progress, measure success and make needed adjustments along the way.
Process-Digital-Media-Convergent Healthcare Digital Signage

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Healthcare digital signage PRODUCTS THAT MAKE AN IMPACT


Healthcare-Digital-Signage-Wall-Wayfinding-Hospital-1 Healthcare Digital Signage

Healthcare Wayfinding

Sprawling healthcare facilities can be mazes of confusion. Leverage digital wayfinding to reduce anxiety.

Employee-Communications Healthcare Digital Signage

Employee Communications

Give employees the information and encouragement they need to do a better job with digital signage software for hospitals.

 Healthcare Digital Signage



Hospital-Donor-Board Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital Donor Walls

Drive fundraising goals and give donors the recognition they deserve.

 Healthcare Digital Signage




healthcare Digital Signage as a Service

Only Convergent offers a complete service package that includes everything from design and deployment to creative and ongoing support—all for a simple monthly fee, backed by guaranteed results. It’s about time.
Lo-No-Upfront@4x Healthcare Digital Signage
Low/No Upfront Capital
Forget high up-front costs of hospital signage systems. Move to an operating cost model that keeps you on budget.
Keep-Pace@4x Healthcare Digital Signage
Keep Pace with Technology
Experience maximum flexibility with continuous platform updates and easy upgrade options.
SignageMadeSimple@4x Healthcare Digital Signage
Medical digital Signage Made Simple
We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.
Measured-Performance@4x Healthcare Digital Signage
Measured Performance
Set and track benchmarks to measure your success.

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