The Anatomy of Digital Signage for Healthcare

Much like the human body, a digital signage installation has basic needs to make sure it is a healthy and thriving solution. Convergent is a single-source, business-class digital signage solution provider that can tailor a system for your hospital.

Anatomy-Digital-Signage-Healthcare Anatomy of Digital Signage for Healthcare
The Brain - Media Strategy
A strong media Strategy plan is the beginning of any successful digital signage installation; it encompasses everything from audience analysis to developing your creative plan and production schedule.. We consider media strategy the brain because every thought and decision you make concerning your digital signage solution must come back to your media strategy plan.

We are media strategy pros here at Convergent. With our expertise at integrating hardware and software coupled with our own in house content creation, engineering department and network monitoring and support, we can ensure everyone is on the same page and dedicated to the media strategy plan.

The Lungs - Content Creation
Content creation breathes life into digital signage therefore, content creation is the lungs of your project. The content is the experiential part of your digital signage solution. Good content is key to getting audiences to notice and interact with your digital signage.

Convergent has an award-winning, in-house content creation team to help you from idea conception to animation and more. So whether you need a refresh to your content or a totally reimagined direction for your brand, Convergent has got you covered. These guys know good content (that’s what makes them award-winning).

The Heart - System Integration
We craft innovative solutions by integrating the best technology companies (both hardware and software) to bring you a tailored solution that fits your budget. The heart is an apt metaphor for system integration because the whole cardio vascular system is what connects your vital organs together and alive. It’s the same for system integration; without it, your digital signage solution will not survive.

We have been in the digital signage industry for over 15 years and have developed many strategic partnerships with hardware and software providers. We’ll make sure that the integrated solution we deliver to you fits your needs and your budget.

Digestive System - Network Operations
Network operations are the digestive system of your digital signage installation because 1. There is a lot going on inside and 2. No one really wants to think about it. That’s why we worry about network operations for you. We specialize in content management and distribution to make sure your content is always playing what, where and when it should.
Bones and Joints - Solution Support
Your bones and joints support your body, now let us provide solution support for you. From installation to monitoring and technical support, Convergent has got you covered. Let us handle your solution support needs with our 24×7 network operation services and our nationwide installation and onsite maintenance teams.

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