Yes, you read that headline right. And yes, we’re being provocative, but bear with me, because I’ll prove my point:

DSaaS* + an experienced, committed solutions provider =
increased retail sales, less stress and a better home life (and all that implies)

In last week’s blog, we talked about the continued struggles of today’s retailer (as if you needed reminding). Same store sales data is down and fewer people are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. RetailNext’s latest Retail Performance Pulse report on store performance showed a 6 percent year-over-year decline in August, continuing a years-long trend. At the same time, the web has made price comparisons easier than ever and put tremendous pressure on margins.

And while it’s a little too early to firm up predictions for the end-of-year shopping season, a recent article in suggests that last year’s disappointing holiday has retailers wary. “Retailers are going to look at their plans and say ‘Wow, we really need to go into the marketplace very lean because the consumer is just not biting,’” said Stacey Widlitz, president of SW Retail Advisors.

Continued bad news has retailers stressed . . . and we all know what happens at home when all is not well at work. Poor store performance may well lead to – well, you get the picture.

There is no doubt that retailers must reimagine the customer buying experience through new technologies and methodologies to answer the demands of today’s consumer. Whether you call it omnichannel, real-time or some other buzzword, buyers want to shop when and how they want.

But they also still enjoy hands-on shopping, even if they are doing more of it online. And there’s no reason why retailers can’t capitalize on that by improving the physical shopping experience through the creative use of digital signage.

Study after study has shown that well-executed in-store digital experiences can drive sales. Digital solutions can also have a significant impact on brand awareness and repeat business. Studies also show that consumers want the in-store experience to include digital to make their shopping easier and more convenient – something that endless aisles, sales-assist tablets, kiosks and the like can offer by facilitating product reviews, price comparisons, direct ship purchasing and so on.

So in the day of declining same-store sales, why isn’t every retailer using in-store digital solutions – or using them more widely and effectively? One big reason is capital. We already know that retailers are stressed, and making a large capital purchase without knowing how to measure results just adds more stress. It’s a classic chicken and the egg situation: you can’t validate a digital solution until you put it in place, but you can’t put it in place until you prove the solution is worth the price you’ll pay for it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS) offers a complete solution that allows you to skip the capital outlay and shift costs into your operating budget. It’s an end-to-end approach that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right vendors and technology. And it includes everything you need—strategy, creative services, content management and distribution, installation, 24×7 technical support and field services – to ensure that your solution is always up and running to deliver the results you want.

And it’s results that a good DSaaS partner will focus on. You want a partner that will commit to service level agreements on specific performance objectives and has a vested interest in your success. You want a partner eager to prove their value before they scale it across your entire retail network. You want a partner that understands the most important measure of your digital signage solution is whether or not it drives sales – and has the know-how to make that happen for you.

And there you have it. With the right digital signage solution, you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’re getting the results you need in your stores. Your stress will go down and your life at home will improve. Come to think of it, maybe you’ll actually sleep a little less at night . . .

*That’s Digital Signage as a Service. What did you think we were talking about?