Webinar: Content is the Key to Great Employee Signage

Content strategy is critical when it comes to Employee Signage. How you curate the content can make or break your messaging. Additionally, well laid out content can garner more views, increase ROI and morale, and ensure your employees more informed, compliant and trained. As we continue our corporate communication webinar series, hosts are Ed Behan, Corporate Communications guru at Convergent, Adam Shilling, Creative Director at Convergent and Kris Konrath, Marketing Director at Convergent. Listen in as they discuss the ins and outs of employee signage and how content plays such a large role in the success of this employee communication […]

Webinar: How Digital Signage can Improve your Employee Engagement

As businesses of all sizes look to improve their competitiveness and performance, the need for successful strategies to engage employees is proving essential. Digital signage offers a valuable tool in achieving this success. Ever thought about the possibility of implementing a universal communication method to connect all your employees? What about a unique platform to catch their eyes and nurture a better culture? The truth is, there is a solution that can deliver on all of these needs while being a simple and easy-to-use platform. Digital Signage visual communication is transforming how employers are communicating with their employees. Interested in […]

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