It is a rainy, humid afternoon in Alpharetta, GA, and Adam Shilling, the Creative Director at Convergent, is perched on a white stool, oscillating from side to side while zealously speaking, without a breath to spare, about digital signage content strategy.

Convergent’s Creative Mission – Better Digital Signage Content, Period.

Convergent’s creative team is on a mission to lead the industry in developing better digital signage content, content that goes further than the just pretty pictures. Adam explains, “campaigns and messaging need to be viewed holistically as part of a system that delivers an overall impression to a consumer;” touching on how often customers have a linear idea of the message they want to present. He adds in, “What isn’t considered, a lot of the times, is the process of which we have to get there. We have to define the story and the right path to first engage with their message, understand that message, and then take action.” Adam meticulously emphasizes that the end result of digital signage content should be something that resonates with the viewers while retaining the ideals of the brand and its character.

“Campaigns and messaging need to be viewed holistically as part of a system that delivers an overall impression to a consumer”

Adam Shilling, Creative Director at Convergent


Content Strategy – Digital Signage isn’t TV!

Those unfamiliar with a digital signage platform might mistake it to be similar to television. The fact is, digital signage isn’t TV at all. People aren’t parked on their comfy lazy-boy recliners waiting to be entertained. “The things you need to focus on when trying to gain attention on the screen” he says with his arm crossed, is that digital signage is a very specialized medium that becomes an essential aspect of your message.” Eye-catching content, according to Adam, presents the message or idea in an interesting way whether it’s by design, layout, or motion. As content and creative strategist, Adam and his team aim to help customers realize, identify, and define their pain points, and come up with solutions to tackle them with a digital signage platform.

It’s about more than just the technology… great content makes a difference. Our award-winning creative team develops content that engages your audience and delivers results. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.