Best Practices for Implementing Enterprise Digital Signage White Paper


Best-Practices-for -Implementing -Enterprise-Digital Media Signage

Best-Practices-for -Implementing -Enterprise-Digital Media Signage


There’s a lot to get excited about when talking about digital media, but there are many components to be truly successful. Think of digital media as an iceberg… the upper section that has breached the water is the exiting and sexy features such as interactive media and in-store signage. Below the surface of the water is the reality of a digital media rollout; the management, maintenance and monitoring that is vital to the outcome and sustainability of your system.

When you think of digital signage, it’s the really sexy stuff that immediately comes to mind: amazing content, interactivity and engaging technology. It all starts with a media strategy; what are you going to get out of your digital signage? From there you can develop dynamic content for your customers to interact with. This is your chance to show off your brand identity and deliver a customer experience that is unique and memorable.

Just below the surface is some pretty cool stuff and it all revolves around that sexy content we talked about before. Great content is not just a one-time-thing. It comes from somewhere and content creators are a vital part of the sustainability factor of your digital media solution. But what happens when all that content has been created? What do you do with it and how are you going to show it? Well, that’s why hardware and content management decisions are incredibly important. You need to keep in mind the media strategy you developed before and let it guide you through this next step. Never let hardware and content limit your project; it is your media strategy that should be defining your hardware and content decisions.

Last, but certainly not least, is the geeky stuff. Sometimes things break… So it is a comfort to have a reliable field services ready to assist in any emergency maintenance issue that may arise. A 24×7 dedicated Network Operations Center designed to keep an eye on networks, hardware and applications; they can spot and resolve issues before the little things become problems. These aren’t necessarily things you may think of when you’re thinking about digital signage, but they are vital to a well functioning system.

We’re good at what we do here at Convergent Media Systems and we’ve been designing, delivering and operating digital signage networks for over 12 years. We provide innovative solutions that help large enterprise companies engage customers and employees with interactive media solutions. Our a la carte offerings of services let us scale what we do for large national brands to ensure optimal reliability and uptime.

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