Danny Lewandowski, Interactive Designer at Convergent, shares three key aspects of digital signage content and much much more.

Q: Content strategy and creative strategy wise, what is the first step?

A: Everything begins with understanding the overall concept and message of the story, the why. Without having the why, what and how doesn’t matter. When your message lacks a purpose or defined concept, what you’re actually saying and how you’re saying it doesn’t have a big impact.

Q: What other factors, outside of the brand, influence the message you’re creating?

A: Where the screen is being placed, who is going to be looking at them, the size, distance, lighting. It all impacts and tweaks the message.

“Everything begins with understanding the overall concept and message of the story, the why.”

Danny Lewandowski, Interactive Designer at Convergent


Q: I know there are a lot of key components behind content strategy, but which 3 come into mind immediately?


1. Creativity – not in the sense of visually creative but functionally and conceptually as well, does the message really grab their attention? It comes down to the idea of the message, how interesting it is. The visual part of the content is a big portion but as fancy as you can get, it becomes background noise after a while.

2. Appropriateness – is it the right message for the right space?

3. Quality – does it live up to our standards? We always want to keep pushing the boundaries of the platform it’s running. Each box has it’s own limits but we try to take advantage of everything that the hardware and software can do.

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