Employee Communication in Banking

We’ve heard a lot about the branch transformation in the last few years and a lot of focus has been on the physical redesigning of bank branches… but what about the driver of interaction and transactions within bank and credit union branches? Your employees. Employee communication Employee communication is an important and often overlooked aspect of the branch transformation. Employees who understand their role within a business are overall happier in the workplace, work harder, stay with the company longer, have less work-place accidents and generate more revenue. Siemens reports that a business with 100 employees has an average of […]

Digital Signage for Banks and the Branch Transformation

Digital Signage for Banks and the Branch Transformation. The world of branch banking is rapidly changing. With the growing popularity of online and mobile banking, banks and credit unions need to make the most of the customers who come into branches. Here at Convergent, we understand that problems that modern banks and credit unions face. Our banking digital signage solutions make an impact through engaging, interactive media that let you: · Sell products – Let your customers know of all your offerings on signage strategically placed throughout your branch. You can even target specific clients through time-based play-listing or facial-recognition […]

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