In-store digital signage help retailers increase sales and stay competitive

Retail Reimagined

Retail Reimagined

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Deliver Memorable Shopping Experiences

Let’s make shopping fun again! Immersive and interactive digital signage connects shoppers to your brand, creates a lasting impression and keeps you ahead of the competition. Interactive touchscreens can help shoppers learn more about products, read customer reviews and compare products, blurring the line between online and in-store.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Technology is always evolving, so why make a huge investment in a solution with a limited lifespan? Our Digital Signage as a Service platform allows you to migrate to new technology quickly and seamlessly, without substantial upfront costs. This improved agility helps you keep up with shopper expectations and your stores looking (and feeling) cutting edge.

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Deliver an ROI that Matters

The best part of digital signage? Seeing the results. Identifying the “why” for each shopper touchpoint and defining what and how to measure is critical in making an impact in store. We are experienced experts who can help you navigate and weigh all the options to deliver the best results.

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88% agree that in-store technology helps stores compete with the online experience. (RSR Research)


80% agree that store results will continue to erode unless we find a way to incorporate technology as part of the store experience. (RSR Research)


30% of retailers note that maintaining store processes/training in a high employee turnover environment is a top operational challenge. (RSR Research)

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edmunds Retail Digital Signage
“Dynamic storefront window signage has engaged and attracted new shoppers to us. Partnering with Convergent has helped us stay competitive and forge stronger brand relationships with our customers.”
Colin Hall
Chief Marketing Officer for Allen Edmonds

Immersive In-Store Digital Signage and ROI, Together at Last!

Everything we do starts with purpose. We work with you to get clarity on your business objectives, define benchmarks for success and determine what and how to measure results. In our Value Assessment, we detail the strategy and action plan to achieve results, including the retail digital signage technology and creative we’ll use to carry it out. There’s no guesswork. You’ll know exactly what to expect. Once implemented, we’ll continue to monitor progress, measure success and make needed adjustments along the way.
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Ready to take action?


Retail Digital Signage as a Service

Only Convergent offers a complete service package that includes everything from design and deployment to creative and ongoing support—all for a simple monthly fee, backed by guaranteed results. It’s about time.
Lo-No-Upfront@4x Retail Digital Signage
Low/No Upfront Capital
Forget high up-front costs. Move to an operating cost model that keeps you on budget.
Keep-Pace@4x Retail Digital Signage
Keep Pace with Technology
Experience maximum flexibility with continuous platform updates and easy upgrade options.
SignageMadeSimple@4x Retail Digital Signage
Retail digital Signage Made Simple
We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.
Measured-Performance@4x Retail Digital Signage
Measured Performance
Set and track benchmarks to measure your success.

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