The Digital Media Iceberg

A Successful Digital Media Solution Involves More than What You Can See on the Surface

IcebergInfographic7.14 The Digital Media Iceberg
The Really Sexy Stuff

When you think of digital signage, all the “really sexy stuff” immediately comes to mind. Amazing content, interactivity and engaging technologies; that’s what everyone wants.

So where do you start? Media strategy. It’s the process to determine what you want out of digital signage and it’s one of the most important aspects. You need to clearly define your business objectives, desired results and return on investment. You also need to consider how digital signage will impact your brand. What does it say about your company?How will it shape your customers’ perception after they leave?

The Pretty Cool Stuff

As we progress deeper down the iceberg… we are moving along to some of the finer details of digital media. The pretty cool stuff may not be as flashy as the really sexy stuff, but it is of great importance to the overall success of your project. While moving down the digital media iceberg, you need to be asking yourself these three questions:

1. How do I sustain content to keep it fresh?
2. What hardware and software do I need to meet my business objectives?
3. How will that impact the workflow around supporting the system?

The Geeky Stuff

We’re finally to the geeky stuff and we are not joking when we tell you if you overlook it, your project will
have a higher chance of failure.

The geeky stuff is vital to the sustainability of your solution and is centered around its reliability, scalability
and uptime. These are the small details that are critical to the ultimate success of your solution. So what
are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself?

1. How is everything going to work together?
2. What happens when something goes wrong?
3. Do I have the resources to make sure it‘s running properly?
4. How am I going to measure the success of my solution?

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