Show your customers you’re concerned about their safety

SafeStore Screen Controller

Ballard-Interactive SafeStore Digital Signage


SafeStore Screen Controller lets customers avoid high-touch surfaces by using their phone to control the content on your digital signage. Store associates can also use it to explain complex products and services, watch training videos and view performance or compliance related information. Best of all, it works with existing displays of all types and sizes.


Widely Accessible

Works with IOS or Android phones. Uses phone’s web browser, so no need to download an app.capable Wide range of programming options to handle almost any controller/content scenario.

Easy to Use

Simply join WiFi and launch web browser, and user interface appears on your phone.


Wide range of programming options to handle almost any controller/content scenario.


Use new or existing displays of almost any size, make or model. Choose displays that best suit your budget and store environment. Various display mounting options (wall, pole, ceiling)• The user interface and the content on the display can be updated remotely

SafeStore Temperature Check

Safestore-f SafeStore Digital Signage


SafeStore Temperature Check screens customers individually or in groups and can alert store personnel if a high temperature is detected. This information can be accompanied by onscreen messaging about all you’ve done to sanitize your stores and maintain a healthy workforce.



Best-in-class IR camera instantly scans people as they approach.

Scan Multiple Shoppers at Once

Wide-screen displays up to 5 people in a single view for high traffic areas or busy times of the day.

Text Messaging

Alert store personnel via SMS text when a high-temperature scan occurs.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

Use new or existing displays, or our combined solution for immediate plug-and-play deployment.  Choose small or large displays to best suit your store environment. Various display mounting options (wall, pole, ceiling). Ethernet, WiFi or 4G Wireless connectivity options.

Add Overlay Graphics & Messages

Welcome shoppers with pop-up messages, scrolling text and/or sidebar information.


Convergent’s SafeStore products are available as a fully managed solution. We take care of everything from solution design and installation to remote monitoring and onsite repair/replacement for rapid scalability and reliability. Our in-house creative agency can also design custom content to match your brand and handle ongoing content changes, scheduling and distribution.